I Got The Keys (SZN 7 EP.003)

“Yerrrrrrr!!!! its Knotts & Will keeping you entertained, educated, and informed, on everything from Hip-hop, entertainment, film, current events, sports, philanthropy, fatherhood and all things moving the culture forward. Welcome to P4AP. (6:16) What a Weekend(19:00) Kendrick Double Album?(27:49) Confidence VZ Arrogance(36:26) Being a Good Soldier(45:30) Razor Sharpe Focus(54:08) What Do You Love To Do(1:00:06) Purpose(1:04:22) “I Got The Keys” Website – http://p4appod.comFacebook –

Don’t Be An A$$, Be An Asset (SZN 7 EP. 002)

“Yerrrrrrr!!!! its Knotts & Will keeping you entertained, educated, and informed, on everything from Hip-hop, entertainment, film, current events, sports, philanthropy, fatherhood and all things moving the culture forward. Welcome to P4AP. (3:46) Family Ties(11:14) Stevie Verzuz Who(16:08) Blackish Finale(28:15) “Be an Asset”(49:19) Pusha T Delivers(1:01:22) Court TV(1:06:30) A Buzy Weekend Website – http://p4appod.comFacebook – @p4appodInstagram – @p4appod I @djknotts I @billyny2atlYouTube – Pause 4 Applause #EducationAdvice #Crates #WhatMattersToYou #WelcomeToSeason7